Friday, January 15, 2010

Crystal Facehunter

We're in London recording. Last night we went to the Daisy Lowe/Swarovski party with Lyndell and Lyndell's friend Tim. Then we went and met up with Yvan the Facehunter at Proud Gallery in Camden.

Andre J

Me + Pam Hogg

Yvann the Facehunter took those last two photos. Check his blog for more



  1. who makes your glasses?

  2. IO! it was so lovely to meet you last week at proud gallerys with Yvan. how long are you around for? Laura x

  3. Hi Laura! I'm around till mid Feb. It was lovely to meet you too, let's hang out again! xx

  4. Io, (pretend I am someone close that doesn't live in Brazil) you look gorgeous with your black lipstick. *-*

    And I really loved the last picture.

    On the penultimate photo is Leopold using lenses?